Welcome to the official website of the UK Helix User Group. For existing HUG members this site is intended as an information point. But if you use Helix Express on your Mac and you've just stopped by, perhaps we can persuade you to join us.

Helix users already know that Helix Express is a powerful relational database engine, with impressively fast client-server capability. With its unique graphical user interface -- there's nothing quite like it on the Mac, or anywhere else so far -- it's easy to create both basic (half an hour) and complex (a lot longer!) applications.

HUG doesn't sell or even promote Helix. HUG is a support organisation for users of the software, more important than ever now that this excellent product isn't sold or formally supported in the UK. Many of us use Helix to run our companies and to perform specific and very important tasks, so we have an interest in ensuring its continued development and enhancement. We also happen to think it's a very good program.

Others are relatively inexperienced at designing with Helix, and welcome the support of 'experts' in learning new tricks and solving old problems. There's an element of Black Magic in any software package!

The ownership and development of Helix has had a somewhat chequered history, with rarely enough dollars being spent on actual software development. At the end of 1998 yet another chapter opened, and one group of enthusiastic programmers was replaced by another. More details at http://www.helixtech.com.

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